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Alexandra Cairn:

Alex commenced her training at TBSA as a very part-time student (1 day per week) in 2015 and danced with us, as an extra in our annual concerts.  
In 2017 Alex decided to do Distance Education for Year 12 (which she has now successfully completed) and commence Full Time Training at TBSA.  Her growth throughout the year has been amazing. She completed her Intermediate exam with Distinction and has also taken her Advanced One Exam (we are EAGERLY awaiting those results). She had also commenced her audition process and we are delighted to announce that she was successful in gaining a place at The Alberta Ballet School (Canada) and Ajkun Ballet (New York), where she was also awarded partial scholarships.  Alex has decided to take up Ajkun and will commence her training there in March 2018.
We are extremely proud of Alex and her incredible commitment and dedication and we are very excited for what the future holds for her.

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